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Omg found this on ebay can you imagine Shawn proposing to Lassie with this ring holder! Am I the only one?
Or this is Lassie who prepared a big surprise for Shawn on Valentine’s day, while everyone was purchasing hearts and red and cupid he was buying pinapple marchandise with Gus’s help, he prepared a room full of it with a pineapple cake he even made himself (with Gus but he just stood there critizing everything lol) and he’s waiting for Shawn to enter the roo, his heart beating faster than ever and feeling ridiculous and anxious.
Will Shawn make fun of him? And more important, will he say yes?…
Someone write this please!
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Specific fic Dean/Cas (time travel kinda future!fic) canon

I'm looking for a fic where Dean wake up few years in the future (in a motel room I think) and discover he is married to Castiel.
He take it a bit bad, "gay panic"
Sam try to calm him down and stuff he tells him to be nice with Castiel because Cas kinda lost his Dean (future!Dean) and he (past!Dean) act like a dick to him.
I remember that it's really hard for Cas, he is hurt a lot (:/) that Dean push him a away a lot
I remember that Cas hide his ring a bit but not sure
but finally Dean accept the thing and come to like this intimacy relation with Castiel and yeah he admit he is in love with him.
I remember Sam and Castiel find a way to send him back in his time (and of course the future Dean is back to his time too) (or maybe it happen itself because there's a lot of fic like that and I may mix things together sorry :p)
I'm sorry it's blurred it's been a great while and I think it's well known fic but I searched for 3 days and I can't find it, please help?
Thank you very much !
have a great day/night :)

Oh and it's NOT :
The story of you and me :
neither it is : The day the world went away: (it's similar and it's a great fic btw I rec it to you guys!)
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A moment of tenderness - Cockles - Misha and Jensen

Title : A moment of tenderness
Author : Becca
Summary : Jensen being tender with his coworker and realizing few things.
Pairing : Jensen/Misha, Cockles
Disclaimer : I own no one... wow it's weird lol, I mean it's just a story, it's not real (but possible anyway...).
Misha was really tired after that morning of filming.
After lunch Jensen found him in his chair on stage, eyes closed, legs sprawled out in the side, his head was falling onto his chest, like he couldn't even get up and go to his trailer to take a nap.
- Misha, you should go to sleep.
- mmmh...
Jensen resisted the urge to roll his eyes, Misha was like a real child sometimes and he should just drop it and go to his own trailer but seeing Misha like this he couldn't, he was going to fall asleep in that bad position and he will be so uncomfortable when he'll wake up, his neck will hurt like hell.
- Misha, he tried another time.
There was no response this time and the man shook his head and take a seat next to his coworker, he wrapped an arm around Misha's shoulders and gently made his head rest on his shoulder.
But then the other man opened his cerulean sleepy eyes and looked at him in surprise and he found himself furiously blushing. He was going to say something when suddently Misha smile, looking very pleased and closed his too gorgeous to be healthy blue eyes and cuddle closer to him with a hum of contentment escaping his plush lips.
Jensen sighed softly, he was just sitting in a chair, his coworker was leaning into him, slowly falling asleep and he had no idea how many time they will remain like this but he will be damned if it wasn't one of the most perfect moment in a year.
God, his feelings for Misha was far from just friendship and he will have to admit it already.
It was awkward, he didn't even knew how to live with that, does Misha liked him back ? Should he ask him out on a date ? Fuck, he sounded like a thirteen years old girl now ! he shrugged pulling nervously at the sleeve of Dean's jacket.
But he couldn't ignore it anymore and he had no clue to how approach another man and then Misha... Misha was so special that he ever doubt he was really from this planet sometimes and maybe that's why he loves him so freaking much, cause he was so different and amazing among the others people he met and... and did he said the word love ? God, he was so screwed.
Misha choose this moment to put both arms around his waist and let himself fall totally into him rather than the uncomfortable chair, Jensen let him and found himself breathing in his tick black hairs, he smelled really good, like cinnamon...
- Jen... Misha breathed out and the way he whispered his name was so tender that he felt warm growing in his chest.
- Yeah Mish I'm here, he whispered back.
That feels right, this thing between them, he wasn't sure how it will work, he was sure that they will be awkward moments, that was inevitable. But he will do anything to make it work, because you don't meet a man like Misha every century, when you see him you try your best to keep him.
comment : I hadn't planned to write anything at all ! Seriously I posted the edit on deviantart and in first I said to myself ''I will write like one line'' and I couldn't stop to write it all sudden. I did it in like few minutes and it isn't my first language so it isn't really good I guess, so excuse me please. I just hope some of you will like it, if you did please please tell me it'll make my day !

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Rabbit's food (Destiel ficlet) just fluff for your day

cas eat salad wait what ?
- Cas ! Rabbit’s food seriously ?!!

- But Dean it’s what our son made for me !

- He did this ? damnit it’s official Sam will not babysitt him again !

- *kissing him gently on the cheek* Dean….

- *distracted* Hum…

- I love you…

And then Dean smile and grab at his shirt to Cas to kiss him, showing him how much he love him too.

At this moment Danny enter the kitchen and see his dad and papa kissing.

- Ewww ! he complain with a chubby grossed out grimace, leaving the room.

Cockles ficlet Keep it on the pillow Jensen/Misha

COCKLES Ficlet Jensen/Misha Keep it on the pillow
(They had obviously talked about that on the pillow.)

This night Misha was in Jensen’s embrace, his head was reposing on his lover’s chest, he looked up, etablishing eye contact with the beautiful emerald eyes.

- How was your day ? Tell me everything hon.

- Well Mish everything you want, Jensen reply gently strocking the black hair, It was real fun, we had a guest star and he only had two scenes… […]

(Misha’s return on their suite after the conv.)

- hey I told you to not tell ! shout Jensen seemed very annoyed.

Misha just make a face.

- huh ?

- my story about the guest star ! reminded him Jensen.

- you never told me to not tell ! the other answered, confused.

- It was obviously something you should have kept on the pillow.

- oh… simply answered Misha slightly incomfortable .

Then Jensen frown, Misha was watching everywhere but him.

- what else did you said ? he ask, worried.

Misha doesn’t bother answer, he grab Jensen by his collar and crash their lips together kissing him with passion and something like a tender apologise.

- don’t think you will make it up that easy… say Jensen between kisses.

- mmmh…  is the only answer he get.

Misha just push him on the matress.

- what are you doing ? ask Jensen in a husky voice.

- what you said…

The actor start to unbottom his shirt with a hand the other caressing his side, making his lover shiver at the touch.

- keeping it on the pillow…

Misha start to kiss along his jaw and then Jensen knew he loose that battle...

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